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my story

Hi, my name is James Kapicka, and I am a student of yoga with a deep love for play!  

Creator James Kapicka

 I grew up in a family where games were a way we could step back from our roles allowing us to be more present and silly. Games were an invitation for us to be together, and they allowed us to get to know ourselves and each other better. I have since found that gamifying anything in life often makes it much more fun and accessible. 

The inspiration for moksha came from my love of yoga practice and philosophy, and my deep appreciation for games as an inroad to playfulness, connection and learning. After almost a decade of gestating and input from teachers and friends, divine timing led me to an amazing team!

With the creative genius of Tiffany Gomes aka CreatTiff as the Graphic Designer and Web Developer along with Dave Kemp aka DTO as The Visionary of the Marketing Agency ( and yogi musician (, we were able to produce something that we feel will bring you joy and deeply enrich your life.


Our intention in creating a game about yoga and other aspects of Indian culture is to honor the wealth of insight and wisdom from these traditions in a way that is accessible and incredibly fun. We are beyond grateful to share moksha with you!

Book Line Art
Moksha Team DTO, Creatiff and James

our story

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